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37 Incredible Sacral Chakra affirmations

Sacral Chakra affirmations

In this article, I will be sharing with you “Sacral chakra affirmations” to balance and heal your sacral chakra.

Sacral chakra helps in experiencing life through feelings.

Sacral chakra also known as, Svadhishthana is the second chakra in our body. Crown chakra is located around our navel.

The element of crown chakra is water.

The color associated with sacral chakra is orange.

It is associated with sexuality, pleasure, intimacy, connection and emotions.

Characteristics of Sacral Chakra

These are the characteristics that are associated with sacral chakra-

  • It helps in connecting us with our emotions and feelings.
  • Sacral chakra is responsible for the pleasure we experience through our senses.
  • Sacral chakra creates a balance and foundation for our emotional well-being.
  • It helps us in connecting with others on a deep and intimate level.
  • The sacral chakra awakens our creativity.
  • It allows us to explore our imagination on a deep level.
  • Sacral chakra helps us in determining our passions in life.

Signs of a blocked sacral chakra

These are the signs that your sacral chakra is not balanced –

  • Lack of creativity.
  • Feeling tired and fatigue all the time.
  • Fear of being intimate.
  • Not being authentic about yourself.
  • Over reacting over small petty situations.
  • Emotional dependency.
  • Having an addictive personality.
  • Getting lost in your fantasies.
  • Lack of sexual satisfaction.
  • Having overly negative emotions.

How can you heal your sacral chakra?

Chakra Affirmations

There are many different methods that can help you in healing/balancing your sacral chakra such as-

  • Meditation- Meditation can be an extremely useful tool in balancing and cleansing your sacral chakra.
  • Sacral chakra healing foods- there are certain foods that can help you in healing your sacral chakra such as melons, oranges, coconuts and cinnamon.
  • Using essential oils- essential oils can also help in balancing your sacral chakra. Essential oils such as rose, patchouli, bergamot, clay sage, jasmine and orange can be used in sacral chakra healing.
  • Stones for healing- orange calcite, carnelian, lapis and citrine are effective in healing of the sacral chakra.
  • Yoga poses- yoga poses such as Trikonasana, Dancer pose, open angle pose, bound angle pose, cow face pose, etc. are some of the yoga poses that can help in sacral chakra healing.
  • Sacral chakra Affirmations- one of my favourite and the most effective way of healing the chakras is through using affirmations.

Sacral chakra affirmations

These are my favorite sacral chakra affirmations: –

  1. I am passionate about my life.
  2. I am in touch with how I feel.
  3. I am a sensual goddess.
  4. I am joyful.
  5. I am spontaneous.
  6. It’s my birthright to receive pleasure.
  7. I am embracing my vibrant sexuality.
  8. I always treat my body with love and care.
  9. My creativity freely flows through me.
  10. I always choose to feel joy and happiness.
  11. I am spiritually awakened.
  12. My life is full of pleasure.
  13. I am alive and aware.
  14. I embrace pleasure and abundance.
  15. I am a sexual being.
  16. I am a creative being
  17. I am connected and aware.
  18. All the areas of my life are full of abundance.
  19. I embrace pleasure.
  20. My life is a pure joy.
  21. I trust my feelings and let them guide me.
  22. I always attract good people in my life who treat me well.
  23. My emotions are balanced.
  24. I am a radiant and a creative being.
  25. I honor the body I live in and treat it with love, kindness and respect.
  26. I am now welcoming sensuality into my life.
  27. I love and enjoy each and every moment of my life.
  28. I am calm and peaceful.
  29. I have no fear of intimacy.
  30. I deserve to be loved deeply.
  31. I am confident about my sexuality.
  32. I am independent.
  33. I love all dimensions of myself and my life.
  34. I have the power to feel life through my senses.
  35. I connect with others without losing who I am.
  36. I am passionate in whatever I do.
  37. My sexuality is pure and sacred.
Sacral Chakra affirmations
Sacral Chakra affirmations
Sacral Chakra Affirmations
Sacral Chakra Affirmations

I am sure you found my article on sacral chakra affirmations helpful and useful.

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