Shocking reason why Respect is important in a relationship

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Have you ever wondered why respect is important in a relationship? or can a relationship survive without respect? In this article I will cover everything and anything you need to know regarding the importance of “respect” in a relationship.


Respect in a relationship means understanding the fact that your partner has their own separate identity. Respect is giving your better half full freedom to be themselves and loving them for who they really are and not having the urge to control their every single move.


Respect is the foundation of any relationship. No relationship, whether it is with your better half, a family member or even a friend can function smoothly without respect. Respecting each other in a relationship is necessary to stay united as a team.

Receiving and giving respect is a crucial part of any relationship because it helps us feel comfortable and safe around our partner.

Respect allows us to express ourselves freely without fearing what they will think about us or what opinion they will form of us.



Are you curious if your partner respects you or not? I have combined a list below of signs through which you can know if your partner truly respects you.

  1. They are attentive towards you and give you their full attention whenever you are with them: They give you all the attention in the world. They hear you carefully when you talk.
  2. They support you and are there for you whenever you need them: They are there for you through the thick and thin. They have your back even through the worst times of your life. They are supportive of your decisions.
  3. There is free flow of communication in your relationship and you both can talk to each other about anything and everything : They express their needs , wants and feeling clearly to you even when its hard for them ( especially true for men ) . You both are openly able to discuss things with one another.
  4. They give you priority to you over other things and other people, you come first for them: They make time for you even if they have the busiest schedule ever. They put you on the very top of their priority list and it shows up in their actions.
  5. They are kind, sweet and considerate towards you and your feelings: They always talk to you in a nice manner, even when they want something, they request it instead of demanding it. They are aware of your feelings.
  6. They are grateful to have you in your life and they are always trying to make you happy : They are always trying to do little things to bring a smile on your face , They feel like the luckiest person on the planet earth to have you , they appreciate you from time to time .
  7. They accept you for who you are as a person and they do not try to change you : They completely accept you along with your flaws and they do not try to change you or control you in any shape or form . They love you just the way you are.
  8. They value your opinions and they never try to force their opinion on you: They always ask for your opinion on various matter and they take it into consideration. They never ever try to force their opinions on you.
  9. They are always honest and truthful towards you: They always tell you the truth, no matter how hard it is to do so. They are honest with you even about the little things.
  10. They are proud of you as well as your achievements: They take pride in your achievements and treat them as their own.


Many a times, people consider love to be the most crucial part of relationship. To me, respect comes first. There is no true/real love without respect. Lack of respect will lead your relationship to be painful and rocky. Respect and trust are the building blocks of any healthy and happy relationship.

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Since I have already covered signs of respect in a relationship, let us now look at how to know if your relationship is lacing respect? You can consider the following points to check if you are being disrespected by your partner.

  • They do not pay attention to you and do not listen to you carefully when you are speaking: They just does not seem to be that interested when they are with you. They seem to be distracted.
  • They are rude towards you and talk to you in a bad manner : They speak to you in a nasty manner and they do not consider the fact how their tone of voice might affect you.
  • You are not on top of their priority list: They always give priority to other people and things over you.
  • You have caught them lying several times: They are not truthful towards you. You have caught them lying to you.
  • They try to hurt your feelings on purpose: Instead of trying to talk things out and come up with a solution they try to hurt your feelings on purpose trying to punish you.
  • They do not provide you emotional support when you need it the most: They are never there for you in the times you need them the most.
  • They are always coming up with lame excuses: They are always coming up with stupid excuses.
  • They constantly judge you for your opinions and decisions: Instead of respecting your opinions they judge you for them.
  • The communication between the two of you is poor: They do not communicate with you in an open manner.
  • They always act selfish and give no consideration to your feelings: They are selfish and never consider your feelings.
  • They often give you silent treatment instead of openly discussing things with you: They try to punish you by giving you the silent treatment.
  • They make you doubt your own potential: Your confidence level goes down when you are with them. They make you feel less than an insecure.
  • They never ever keep their promises: They never keep their word for anything and are always breaking their promises.
  • They do not apologize to you even when they are wrong: They do not apologize to you even when they have realized they are wrong.
  • They do not make time for you and always seem busy: They barely make any time for you and always seem busy when you ask them.


Respect is the most important part of any relationship. There is no healthy and happy relationship without respect. It is necessary that you and your partner respect each other no matter what, it should be the foundation of your relationship.

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