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33 incredible Positive Energy Affirmations


Do you want to become more positive in life? If your answer is yes, you’ve stumbled upon the correct blog post. In this article I will be sharing with y’all “33 incredible Positive Energy Affirmations” that will change your life for good.

Being positive is incredibly important in this day and age. When we see everything through the eyes of positivity, our whole world becomes beautiful.

In this article I will be going through what is positive energy, ways to bring more positivity in your life and positive energy affirmations.

Let’s get started….          

What Is Positive Energy?

Positive energy is referred to as energy which is beneficial and productive in nature. It is expecting and anticipating good things to happen in life.

Why Is Positive Energy Important?

Positive energy is essential in order to live a fun and exciting life. Positive energy helps us in attracting awesome stuff into our lives.

6 Simple Ways To Bring More Positive Energy Into Your Life

Wondering how to bring more positive energy in your life? Here are my favorite tips to bring more positive energy into your life –:

  • Practice appreciation– Appreciate little things in life. Appreciating and being grateful for good things help in attracting more awesome stuff into your life. You can also make a gratitude journal.
  • Get involved into spirituality– Become more spiritual. Read Spiritual books or watch spiritual videos on YouTube. Sadhguru is one of my all-time favorite spiritual teachers of all time.
  • Selfsoothe– Whenever you feel down, talk to yourself and soothe yourself. Self-talk is a great way to soothe and calm yourself whenever you’re anxious.
  • Meditate– Practicing meditation is a great way to calm yourself. It also helps you in being in receptive and open mode. Rajyoga meditation is one of my most favorite meditation practices.
  • Look for positive aspects- Looking for positive aspects in each and every situation is a great way to attract more positive energy in your life. Abraham Hicks teaches the importance of list of positive aspects that will help you in difficult circumstances.
  • Positive energy affirmations- Using positive energy affirmations is a great an effective way to bring about more positivity in your life. Positive energy affirmations can help you in reprogramming your subconscious mind.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are referred to as motivating and encouraging statements that are positive in nature. Affirmations are an extremely useful tool in reprogramming your subconscious mind and shifting your limiting beliefs into new and productive beliefs.

Affirmations are extremely powerful if used consistently.

Positive Energy Affirmations

Here are my personal favorite positive energy affirmations that will turn your whole life around -:

  1. I radiate positivity to those around me.
  2. I am filled with positive energy.
  3. I look for positivity in each and every situation.
  4. I only attract positive people in my life.
  5. Every cell in my body radiates happiness and positivity.
  6. My mind is filled with positive thoughts.
  7. I am relaxed and at peace.
  8. My mind is calm and at ease.
  9. My soul is filled with positivity.
  10. An aura of positive energy surrounds me all the time.
  11. I know the whole universe is conspiring in my favor.
  12. I see everything through the eyes of positivity.
  13. I am open to attracting positive energy from the source.
  14. My life is full of wonderful and positive opportunities.
  15. I am abundant.
  16. I am connected to the source energy.
  17. This universe favors me in every way possible.
  18. My relationship with my inner-being is what matters the most.
  19. I am fulfilled and satisfied with my life.
  20. I am fulfilling the ultimate purpose of my life.
  21. Everything I am seeking is already seeking me.
  22. I am deserving and worthy of living the life of my dreams.
  23. I am always doing the right thing.
  24. I am grateful for all the amazing things and people I have in my life.
  25. I am blessed with unlimited potential.
  26. I am a magnet for good things in life.
  27. I am constantly upgrading myself.
  28. I have the power to transform any negative thoughts into positive ones.
  29. I choose how I feel.
  30. I am in control of what I think.
  31. I am the master of my life.
  32. I am letting go of all my limiting beliefs.
  33. I trust in the divine powers of the universe.

How To Use Affirmations

Using positive energy affirmations is relatively simple and easy.

All it takes is consistency and repetitiveness.

There are a couple different methods in which you can use these affirmations such as-:

You can use these affirmations immediately after you get up as our subconscious mind is still active for 15 minutes after waking up.

Another great method to use these positive energy affirmations is to meditate using them.

If you enjoy journaling, Scripting is an extremely useful option for you.

If you are into daydreaming, an awesome law of attraction technique for you is visualization.

Pick a method that resonates with you the most and go for it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you did, check out more here!

Trust me there is hope for each one of us. We are the creators of our reality and we really are very powerful.

With a little awareness and consciousness, you can end up changing your whole life around.

When you begin to focus on the good, the good will get even better.

Try these affirmations for 2 months on a consistent basis and see the magic.

Which of these positive energy affirmations resonated with you the most? Let me know in the comment section below.


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