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40 New Positive Affirmations For Healing

Positive Affirmations For Healing

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you “Positive Affirmations For Healing” for healing your mind, body and soul.

Many of us have still held on to deep and painful wounds from our past, that results in great harm to our mind, body and soul. We are unable to enjoy and live our lives fully and happily due to our past wounds.

This list of Positive affirmations for healing will help you in replacing your negative beliefs with positive and productive beliefs. These affirmations will comfort your mind and your soul.

These affirmations will help you in releasing your pain.

Let us move on to the positive affirmations for healing.

Positive Affirmations For Healing

  1. I am giving myself the permission to heal and grow.
  2. I am grateful and thankful to my past for my growth.
  3. I am now letting go of all the worries and pain.
  4. I know that I am a strong, courageous and powerful being.
  5. I am willing and open to se things form the eyes of love and compassion.
  6. I am kind to myself as well as others.
  7. I radiate love, happiness and patience.
  8. I choose to forgive myself everyone else in this moment.
  9. I focus of love and positivity.
  10. I am now replacing negativity with positivity.
  11. I have faith in the universe.
  12. I truly believe that the universe always has my back.
  13. I know that I have the power to change my story.
  14. I choose to embrace the present moment with open heart.
  15. I am at peace with myself and everyone else around me.
  16. I am focused towards creating healthy and loving relationships.
  17. I trust and believe that everything is happening for my highest good.
  18. I always respect myself as well as others.
  19. I choose to set myself free.
  20. I treat everyone with compassion, love and understanding.
  21. I am capable of loving people unconditionally.
  22. I always take charge and responsibility for my life.
  23. Every cell of my body radiates pure and healing energy.
  24. My body heals itself quickly and effortlessly.
  25. My past does not define the person I am today.
  26. I am strong, wise and independent.
  27. I am strong and healthy boundaries and I stand by them.
  28. My body, mind and soul are completely healed.
  29. I am free from all the pain and worries.
  30. I am now letting go of the need to always be right.
  31. I am learning to accept myself and my decisions just the way I am.
  32. I am willing to see things through the eyes of kindness and compassion.
  33. I stand by my values no matter what.
  34. My soul is full of purity, warmth, kindness and love.
  35. I am gentle and humble towards those around me.
  36. I never ever lose my calm no matter what.
  37. I always stand by my beliefs and my truth.
  38. I am now releasing all my emotional blocks and moving forward in my life.
  39. I accept myself and all my imperfection.
  40. I am now letting go of all the grudges and resentment that I was holding on to.
Positive Affirmations For Healing
Positive Affirmations For Healing
Positive Affirmations For Healing
Positive Affirmations For Healing

If used repeatedly and on regular basis, these positive affirmations for healing will completely turn your life around for good.

I am sure you found my article on Positive affirmations for healing helpful and useful.

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Also, do not forget to tell me in the comment section below, which of these positive affirmations for healing are your absolute favourite? Looking forward to your comments.

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