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49 Calming Night Time Affirmations

Have you ever felt tired and exhausted to a point where you can’t sleep? No worries, I’ve got your back. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you “49 Night Time Affirmations” that will calm you down and relax your mind for a nice and peaceful sleep.

In this day and age, all human beings are longing for relaxation and peace. Using these night time affirmations you will be able to give your body the rest it deserves.

For most of us, our lives have become extremely stressful. By repeating these affirmations before sleeping, shifts your focus on positivity.

By using these night time affirmations, you will also wake up more refreshed in the morning.

Night Time Affirmations

  1. Every day of my life is full of awesome things.
  2. I radiate confidence and positivity.
  3. Every area of my life is filled with abundance.
  4. I am always more than enough.
  5. I am now releasing all emotional negativity.
  6. My mind is calm and peaceful.
  7. I am grateful and thankful for all that I have.
  8. I am joyful, happy and pleasant being.
  9. My life is calm and peaceful.
  10. I am successful in everything that I do.
  11. I can achieve absolutely anything and everything that I put my mind to.
  12. I am an absolute joy to be around.
  13. People love and enjoy my company.
  14. Today, my day was full of great things.
  15. Tomorrow is going to be the greatest day of my life.
  16. I live a life of compassion and love.
  17. My life is full of miracles.
  18. I put my heart and soul into all that I do.
  19. I am worthy of my goals, dreams and ambitions.
  20. Tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day.
  21. Good things are constantly happening to me.
  22. I have been immensely blessed by the universe.
  23. The world supports me in every possible way.
  24. I am wise and capable.
  25. I only attract positive circumstances into my life.
  26. I am fulfilled, whole and complete.
  27. I did my absolute best today.
  28. Every day I am getting closer and closer to my goals and dreams.
  29. Tomorrow is going to be the bests day of my life.
  30. I am proud of my achievements.
  31. Every day I am full of positive energy.
  32. I am a brave and a fearless soul.
  33. I am alive and full of energy.
  34. My heart is pure.
  35. I am a blissful being.
  36. I am beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.
  37. I am creating the life of my dreams.
  38. I am at peace and at ease.
  39. I am fun and playful.
  40. I am the ultimate master of my life.
  41. My life is full of fun and rewarding experiences.
  42. I radiate positive and good vibes.
  43. My life is wonderful.
  44. Tomorrow is going to be a gorgeous day.
  45. Every day is filled with great happiness and joy.
  46. My life is magical.
  47. I am unique in my own special way.
  48. I am in charge of my life.
  49. People adore me and cherish me.
Night Time Affirmations
Night Time Affirmations
Night Time Affirmations
Night Time Affirmations

You can use these night time affirmations as you like. You can say them out loud in front of a mirror, script them (write them down in your journal) or just meditate with them, whatever works best for you.

For best results, I would suggest you to choose 3-4 of these affirmations that resonate with you the most.

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Also, do not forget to tell me in the comment section below, which of these night time affirmations are your absolute favourite? Looking forward to your comments.


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