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40 Effective love affirmations

Love affirmations

In this blog post you’ll find my personal collection of 40 extremely powerful and effective “love affirmations” that will attract positivity and love in your life.

These love affirmations will help you in finding more love, positivity and romance into your life. 

Let us move on to the love affirmations…

Love affirmations

Here are the 40 amazing love affirmations: –

  1. I am worthy of my person’s love and respect.
  2. I am worthy of receiving lots and lots of love and attention.
  3. My heart is always open and I always radiate love.
  4. I deserve profound and passionate relationship.
  5. I am attracting healthy, positive and happy relationships into my life.
  6. It is completely safe for me to be in love.
  7. Love is here for me to experience.
  8. I am now attracting my soulmate.
  9. I receive love easily and effortlessly.
  10. I am a magnet for wonderful relationships.
  11. I only thoughts loving thoughts to fill up my mind.
  12. My relationships are always safe and fulfilling.
  13. I have the power to love unconditionally.
  14. I am magnetic and irresistible to those around me.
  15. I am constantly surrounded by love.
  16. My relationship with my partner is healthy. We bring joy and happiness in each other’s lives.
  17. I always love and support my better half unconditionally.
  18. Me and my partner are meant to be together. We are happy in our long-term relationship.
  19. My partner always respects my boundaries.
  20. Me and my partner are loving and respectful towards each other.
  21. Me and my better half are continuously learning to understand one another better.
  22. I have profound respect and deep love for my partner.
  23. Me and my partner adore one another.
  24. I am happy and secure in my committed relationship.
  25. I love everything about my partner. My partner is perfection.
  26. I always choose to be kind and considerate towards my spouse.
  27. I am becoming more romantic towards my partner with each passing day.
  28. I am confident in the love my partner has for me.
  29. My commitment towards my partner grows stronger every day.
  30. I always look forward to spend more time with my partner.
  31. I feel loved, cherished, respected and adored by my partner.
  32. I want my relationship with my specific person to last forever.
  33. I am truly grateful for the incredible relationship that I have with my specific person.
  34. My soul mate loves me above all others.
  35. It is easy and exciting to be in a committed relationship.
  36. Caring for a lasting relationship feels natural to me I effortlessly show love to my partner.
  37. I am focused on protecting my healthy relationship. I always value my partner’s feelings and emotions.
  38. I understand my partner’s love language and I constantly express my love towards them.
  39. My grateful heart is a magnet for love and happiness.
  40. I am able to communicate my needs and wants effectively to my better half.
Love affirmations
Love affirmations

You can use any of the love affirmations alone or you can even combine them. To make your affirmations effective, you should practice them on a regular basis.

You can write these affirmations in your journal(scripting), say them out loud in front of a mirror or if you meditate, you can also use them while meditating.

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