6 Big differences b/w Healthy and unhealthy relationships

healthy and Unhealthy

Are you confused if your relationship is a healthy relationship or an unhealthy one? Or are you simply trying to figure out the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships? In this blog post you will find all the key differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Keep reading to know more.

What is a healthy relationship?

In a healthy relationship, happy times are always much greater than the stressful times. Healthy relationships allow both the partners have their own sense of individuality but still feel supported and have a strong bonding with each other.

What is an unhealthy relationship?

An unhealthy relationship is the one, where the stressful and bad times overpowers the happy and fun times. Unhealthy relationships usually end up causing toxicity in your life. An unhealthy relationship can often be abusive and end up messing your and your partner’s lives.

healthy and Unhealthy

What are the components of a healthy relationship?

  • Love – It is the utmost foundation of any relationship. It is the force that drives a relationship. There is no happy and healthy relationship without love.
  • Respect- Receiving and giving respect is an important component of a relationship as it makes us feel safe and comfortable enough to express ourselves to our partner. Respect symbolizes that you and your partner are accepting of each other even when your opinions do not match. Read my article Why respect is important in a relationship?
  • Honesty – It is also one of the key components of any relationship. Honesty is about being real and truthful with yourself as well as your partner. Honesty helps you and your partner to open with each other, trust each other and have faith in each other.
  • Equality – It plays a major role in balancing the relationship. Equality helps both the partner feel safe and equal in the relationship so that they can express themselves clearly and openly.
  • Communication- Good communication is necessary for your relationship to be smooth and peaceful. It is essential to communicate your needs and feelings from time to time to one another to feel safe and comfortable in the relationship.
  • Understanding- Being understanding lets you and your partner see and understand things from each other perspective without judging each other. It allows you and your partner to be completely be open with one another.
  • Trust- It is the core and foundation of any relationship. Trust helps you and your partner rely on each other in the times of need. Without trust, your relationship will be bumpy and stressful. Check out my article 5 Reasons why trust is important in relationship.
healthy and Unhealthy

What are the components of an unhealthy relationship?

  • Control- Controlling behavior can be extremely harmful for a relationship. You and your partner will start to feel suffocated in the relationship and it the love, the passion will die slowly.
  • Dishonesty- It erodes the trust of both the partners. Dishonesty causes a lot of hurt amongst both the parties. Dishonesty and lying kills all the trust, which is one of the major components of a healthy relationship.
  • Disrespect- Not respecting each other can lead to ignoring and not caring about each other’s feelings. Not being considerate towards each other will make your relationship shaky and it will not last long.
  • Intimidation- When one or both partners try to control each aspect of other’s life by using fear or manipulation tactics, it ends up ruining a healthy relationship.
  • Distrust- This is the major reason due to which relationship falls apart. When both parties constantly doubt each other, the relationship becomes stressful and not so fun anymore.

What are the signs of a healthy relationship?

  1. You and your partner both feel safe and comfortable around one another.
  2. Both the parties take time to pursue their own individual interests and hobbies.
  3. Whenever you and you better half have arguments, they are fair and productive. Read my article Is it normal to fight daily in relationship?
  4. You both encourage each other to go for your goals and ambitions instead of pulling each other down or trying to control one another.
  5. You and your partner always treat other with kindness and utmost respect.
  6. Both the parties feel good around each other.
  7. You both have similar beliefs in terms of your basic values.
  8. You and your partner are openly able to discuss anything and everything without feeling any kind of hesitation.
  9. Even if you both have busy schedules, you and your partner always make times for each other and spend quality time together.
  10. Both the parties contribute to the relationship in their own ways. Nobody ever feels left out.
  11. You both feel safe and secure in your relationship and are not afraid that something bad is going to happen.
  12. Both the parties appreciate each other and make each other feel special from time to time.

What are the signs of an unhealthy relationship?

  1. You and your partner feel as if you are constantly being drained out from all the fights and the arguments.
  2. Whenever you guys have an argument or fight, there is name calling and nasty language involved.
  3. One person is always dominating the other as per their own choices.
  4. Both of you, and one of you is trying to control what other person does.
  5. You and your partner are not able to open to each other emotionally.
  6. None of you feels safe and secure in the relationship and are unable to trust one another.
  7. You both are constantly trying to bring each other down instead of encouraging and uplifting each other.
  8. There is no respect for emotions in the relationship and there is gaslighting
  9. There is a lack of trust in the relationship and you both constantly mock each other to belittle one another.
  10. You and your partner are not supportive of each other’s family and friend and are constantly trying to keep each other away from them.
  11. Instead of trying to sort out things peacefully, both the parties always end up blaming each other rather than taking any sort of responsibility.
  12. You and your partner both feel lonely even when you are together.

Differences b/w healthy and unhealthy relationships

healthy and Unhealthy


There are quite a few differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Healthy relationships bring out the best in both of you, whereas unhealthy relationships bring out the worst in you.

Pay attention to little details and you will be able to figure out if your relationship is a healthy one or an unhealthy one.

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