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51 Courage Affirmations To Unleash Your Potential

Do you want to be more daring and fearless? If your answer is yes, you’ve stumbled upon the correct article. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you “51 Savage Courage Affirmations” that will make your feel courageous.

The words we speak and the thoughts we think is what shapes our whole personality. If we choose to be a little more conscious of our thoughts, words and actions, we can turn our lives around in no time.

These courage affirmations will also help you in boosting your confidence and your self-esteem. You will also be able to go through any challenges you come across with ease and effortlessness.

Let us now move on to the courage affirmations.

Courage Affirmations

  1. I always choose to go out of my comfort zone.
  2. I always choose courage over my comfort.
  3. I am a courageous human being.
  4. I am resilient and I believe that I can get through anything.
  5. I am fearless.
  6. I always act with great enthusiasm.
  7. I am getting better and better with each passing day.
  8. I have unstoppable courage within me.
  9. My thoughts and feelings always fill me up with motivation.
  10. I am a winner in life.
  11. I am able to take action without any hesitation.
  12. I am a total badass.
  13. I always stand up for what is right.
  14. I face all the challenges I come across gracefully.
  15. I radiate power and courage.
  16. My heart is filled with strength.
  17. I always choose to act in the face of fear.
  18. I am able to move through fear with ease.
  19. I am my only competition.
  20. I am bold, brave and courageous.
  21. I am able to achieve whatever I put my mind to.
  22. I am able to achieve my goals easily and effortlessly.
  23. I love taking risks.
  24. I always take responsibility for my own life instead of blaming others.
  25. I love facing challenges.
  26. I know that I am responsible for my own life.
  27. I am a source of energy.
  28. I admire and cherish the person that I am becoming.
  29. I always give my best.
  30. I know that this universe supports me in every way possible.
  31. My courage and strength are constantly growing.
  32. The more action I take, the stronger I get.
  33. I have a bold and a daring personality.
  34. Great strength and courage always fill up my heart.
  35. I have been blessed with limitless courage.
  36. Every day is a new opportunity for me to learn and grow.
  37. I love adventure.
  38. I know that I can get through any hurdle with ease.
  39. I have the abundance source of strength, bravery and courage inside of me.
  40. I am able to conquer my fears effortlessly.
  41. I have what it takes to be successful in life.
  42. People see me as an inspiration.
  43. I have great leadership qualities within me.
  44. My faith is way bigger than fear.
  45. I am living my life with boundless bravery and courage.
  46. I have trust in myself and my capabilities.
  47. I fear nothing because I believe in myself.
  48. I believe in my ability to be greatly successful.
  49. I have a strong and a confident personality.
  50. I am never afraid to speak my mind.
  51. I always stand up for myself.
courage affirmations
courage affirmations
courage affirmations
courage affirmations

I hope this article would help you in dealing with your fear.

You can use these affirmations for being more courageous in many different ways. You can use them first thing in the morning and before going to bed. You can also say them out loud in front of a mirror. You can write them down or even use them while meditation.

If used with consistency, these courage affirmations will turn your life around completely.

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Also, do not forget to tell me in the comment section below, which of these courage affirmations your absolute favourite? Looking forward to your comments.

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