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25 Calm Affirmations That Will Make Your Life Peaceful

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Do you want to me calmer and more peaceful in life? Or do you want to live a stress-free life? If your answer is yes, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you “25 Super Effective Calm Affirmations” that will make your life easy and relaxed.

Calm affirmations will help you to relax and be in a state of ease. You will notice many positive changes in your life when you are calmer and more collected.

Before moving on to the calm affirmations, let me answer some basic questions that you might have…

Why is being calm important?

Being cool, calm and collected allows us to think in a logical and clear manner. Being calm helps us in taking good and correct decisions. Staying calm helps us being at ease and peace. Having a calm state of mind is extremely important while dealing with problems and it also helps us in coming up with clear solutions.

Being at peace also helps us in staying relaxed in stressful situations. Here are some of the most important reasons for being calm: –

  • Being calm helps us in making right decisions.
  • Being calm helps us in handling rough situations with ease
  • Being calm helps us in staying focused and clear
  • Being calm helps us in staying positive
  • Being calm helps us with inner peace
  • Being calm helps us in being free from stress and tension
  • Being calm helps us in taking charge of our emotions
  • Being calm helps us in gaining control of our life
  • Being calm helps us in boosting our creativity
calm affirmations

How to be calm and relaxed?

Here are some of my most favourite methods to be calmer and more relaxed: –

  • Breathe slowly and take deep breaths. “Breathing is the number one and most effective technique for reducing anger and anxiety quickly,” says Scott Dehorty, LCSW-C, of Delphi Behavioural Health.
  • Practice yoga
  • Have a walk in the nature.
  • Have a glass of green tea.
  • Practice gratitude. Make a list of things that you are grateful and thankful for in life.
  • Listen to some spiritual videos on YouTube. Some of the people you can watch on YouTube are Eckhart Tolle, Bk Shivani, Sadhguru etc.
  • Practice meditation. Guided meditation will also help. Isha Kriya meditation is very effective in reducing stress.
  • Write out your feelings in a journal.
  • Listening to calming and soothing music.
  • Using calm affirmations. This method will help you in feeling good and reprogramming your subconscious mind.
calm affirmations

What are affirmations and how are they helpful?

Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself. Affirmations are extremely helpful in shifting your negative limiting beliefs into new and more productive beliefs. Affirmations will help you in reprogramming your subconscious mind

Calm affirmations

  1. I am a calm and a peaceful being.
  2. I am fully at peace and at ease.
  3. I am in charge of how I feel.
  4. All the answer I am seeking are inside of me.
  5. I am surrounded by warm and peaceful energy.
  6. My heart is full of love and peace.
  7. I am supported by the divine powers of the universe.
  8. My muscles are calm and relaxed.
  9. I am letting go of all my worries and tension.
  10. I have a positive mindset.
  11. My every breathe fills me up with peace.
  12. My soul is filled with calmness.
  13. I am releasing all my tension with every breath.
  14. Calmness surrounds me in the most beautiful ways possible.
  15. Being peaceful is my top-priority in life.
  16. All I need is within me now.
  17. My mind is still and smooth.
  18. All is well in my life.
  19. I am always taken care off.
  20. I am healthy and safe.
  21. I am grateful to be alive.
  22. I can handle all situations with ease.
  23. I am connected to the peaceful energies of the universe.
  24. My heart is filled with love and compassion.
  25. My life is easy and effortless.
calm affirmations
calm affirmations
calm affirmations
calm affirmations
calm affirmations
calm affirmations

How to use calm affirmations?

Using affirmations is way easier than you might have thought. Pick and choose four to five of these affirmations that resonate with you the most.

After selecting your affirmations, you can use these affirmations by saying them immediately after you wake up. You can also write your affirmations down in your journal, this method is known as scripting. You can also say these affirmations out loud in front of a mirror. Visualisation is another awesome technique for using these affirmations.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on calm affirmations.

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Do not forget to tell me in the comment section down below, which of these calm affirmations are your personal favourite?

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