30 Inspiring Abraham Hicks Quotes

Esther Hicks also know as Abraham Hicks is a well-known name in law of attraction community. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you “30 Abraham Hicks Quotes” to live by. Her words and teachings are a big inspiration for many people.

Abraham is the name that has been given to the “infinite intelligence” by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks (Husband and wife).

Abraham Hicks quotes are life-changing and have helped millions of people in living a happy and fulfilling life.

Abraham Hicks quotes are simple and makes understanding law of attraction much easier for common people.

Let us move on to the inspiring Abraham Hicks quotes now.

Abraham Hicks Quotes

  1. “Your vibration is everything. What you vibrate is what manifests.”
  2. “You have nothing to worry about.”
  3. “I am doing nothing right now and it is all coming.”
  4. “Always when you feel good, you are in the place of attracting that which you are wanting.”
  5. “Start living the magic of life.”
  6. “Give yourself the love you seek and the universe will send you the people to match it.”
  7. “Just find something to love and all that you have been asking for will come into being.”
  8. “Don’t think about it, relax and receive it.”
  9. “The goal isn’t to get rid of all your negative thoughts and feelings – that’s impossible. The goal is to change your response to them.”
  10. “Just find your alignment and those who are also in alignment, will recognize you.”
  11. “Don’t be surprised how quickly the universe will move once you have decided.”
  12. “Get happy, manifestations will flow in.”
  13. “It is already there. Allow it in.”
  14. “Tune to the place where everything is taken care of.”
  15. “All you have to do is sit and let it be.”
  16. “When you consistently feel good, even when people are freaking around you and even leaving you, what you really want must find you.”
  17. “Your source is not outside of you; your source is within you and that is the love you are long for.”
  18. “Sitting and contemplating pleasurable thoughts is the most productive thing you can do.”
  19. “All source wants is your trust.”
  20. “When you decide you are powerful.”
  21. “Celebrate as much as you can.”
  22. “The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want.”
  23. “If something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason; you are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence.”
  24. “Your relationship with your inner being is what matters most.”
  25. “It doesn’t take time; it just takes alignment.”
  26. “If you want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon.”
  27. “You will know your path by the fun of it.”
  28. “Appreciation in advance brings everything you want to you.”
  29. “If you are not excited about it, it is not the right path.”
  30. “Your alignment trump everything.”

I hope you enjoyed reading these Abraham Hicks quotes.

If implemented with consistency, these quotes will turn your life around completely.

If you constantly feed your mind with good and positive matter, your life will become much more happy and joyful.

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